Minimal Side Table


Minimalism has become a popular trend for home décor ideas. Nowadays a simple yet elegant design is what homeowners look for in most house fittings. Minimal side tables are the top choice for most buyers, when it comes to minimal home furnishment.

It is hard to imagine something as unexciting as a side table could enhance your homes overall look. Even so, these unique and eye-catching designs will change your mind on how you view minimal tables.


Minimal Side Table Furniture for the Bedroom

A modern minimalist bedside table are the perfect choice to incorporate into your bedroom. The side tables simple, yet stylish design amplifies the atmosphere of your bedroom. You can place your favorite bedtime book on these minimal side tables and add a modern feel to your bedroom.


Minimal İmpressive Looking Statue Side Tables

A side table is a lovely furniture on its own. However, you can find a fancier side table design called the statue side table. These tables have a gorgeous statue attached to the bottom. The statues can range from a dragon, dog or angels. You can both enjoy the artistic decor of the statue while also using it as a table to place your items.


Statue Ideas for Minimal Side Table


There are several statue ideas for minimal side tables. One of these ideas that attract the attention of homeowners the most are the sitting dog statue side tables.

Everybody loves dogs, they are man’s best friend after all. Instead of boring old wooden legs that hold the top of the table, a tall and majestic dog statue is used instead.

An adorable sitting dog statue that is holding the top of the table in its mouth, can add a creative yet cute look to any room in the house.





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