About Us

In 2004, Barlas Baylar founded Hudson Furniture Gallery, a concept design showroom in the Meatpacking District, to showcase large-scale, sculptural furniture and lighting designs, hand-made by an expert artisan team located in a New York atelier.

Always inspired by the art, design and architecture of the art deco era nature, Baylar has delved into studies of modern classics to inform his unique design sensibilities.  The designer as artist continues to evolve each collection into complex new forms through the use of inventive architectural materials.

From the early conception of his dramatic chain chandeliers in nickel and bronze, to the creation of dynamically proportioned, wood, lacquer and bronze tables, Baylar continues to challenge how masculine and feminine forms meet to become modern, functional sculpture, and one-of-a-kind collectibles.

Each Hudson design is hand-sculpted in one-of-a-kind provenance, intended to be shared by generations to come, with many hours invested in each dedicated design, prior to its leaving the atelier and reaching the showroom.

At Hudson Furniture, the company has witnessed tremendous growth through Baylar’s creative direction and management, resulting in new worldwide showrooms, creative partnerships; including Alexander McQueen, The World of Interiors and Tom Ford, 2014 Oscars, among others.

Baylar was raised in a family that appreciates work, design and travel. From an early age he was exposed to European artistic traditions and Eastern philosophies. With demonstrated experience in heavy manufacturing, he also utilized his degrees from London in marketing, to expand upon his love of drawing and artisanal design in Brazil. He joined the two disciplines through dedicated work in design production in New York, prior to founding Hudson Furniture in 2004, where he continues to source wood and architectural materials around the globe for his latest collection.