Luxury Mirrored Furniture


Colorful furniture always looks appealing to us. A bright colored couch or a table can really make your room stand out. However, furniture designers have come up with a unique twist on how to color furnishment. Which is called the mirrored furniture. There are several mirrored furniture ranging from console tables, to even fireplaces.

But you probably didn’t know you could actually own mirrored furniture. If you are interested in owning furniture that can reflect everything inside the room, then here is the best luxury mirrored furniture you will ever find


Mirrors Console tables


This console table while completely made of mirrors, its base is purely metal. It has two shelves and a single drawer with a crystal nob attached to it, which is plenty enough storage for a small console table.  Its smooth and steel like appearance will reflect everything in the room including the shelves. It’s a simple table you can add into your hallway. This pretty table will certainly add an extra glam in your hallway.

While this console table is not completely covered in mirrors, its base is golden made, while the drawers are purely mirror. Its elegant design and golden base, which adds a feel of luxury will leave your room feeling stylish. It also has multiple drawers with a round mirror knob, for storing your essentials. You can order this mirrored furniture online instead of hunting from them in Hudson New York city.


Most versatile Mirrors Fireplace


We recognize a classic fireplace as being made of stones. But did you know you can also find a fireplace made completely out of mirrors?

The mirror fireplace almost resembles the silver texture, which adds a unique feel to the fireplace. Despite its delicate appearance these mirrored fireplaces are quite sustainable.

When you’re not sure what textured fireplace to opt for, then just simply choose a mirrored design. The mirror surrounding the fireplace can reflect the room pretty well. This trait is pretty useful for finding your missing stuff quicker. Enjoy a warm house with these versatile mirror fireplaces.

Best mirrored dressing tables


This dressing table is completely covered in mirrors including the knobs too. This mirrored dressing table will reflect everything in the room. The glass top can easily reflect everything you put on the table as well. It’s practically invisible with how well is blends into your room.

You will feel like everything on your dressing table is floating including yourself. You will absolutely love this airy feeling when you sit in front of this mirrored dressing table to get ready for the day.


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